Foot problems can affect people of all ages, from infants to geriatrics, and although foot or ankle problems may not seem like a problem for your child, early intervention and treatment can help correct issues that turn into major issues when they’re older. Most problems usually appear during the walking stage, between one and three years old, and will be spotted by your paediatrician. While a paediatrician can recognize when something is wrong, it takes a podiatrist to accurately diagnose and effectively treat foot problems in babies, toddlers, and children.

Some common foot problems:

Flat feet occur in children as young as four to six years olds can be diagnosed with flat feet issues, early diagnosis and intervention can save many years of pain and discomfort. Several treatment options are available for flat foot deformity.

Intoeing, also known as pigeon toe, is common in young children. The earlier the diagnosis, the better the outcome. Intoeing can originated from abnormalities in the foot and ankle can be a result of rotational issues of the leg and hip.

Toe walking is a condition that results in children walking on their toes with an inability to fully place their heels on the floor. Most toe walking issues are habitual and are nothing to worry about, however problematic abnormalities of the achilles tendon or foot structure can present similar issues.

Ingrown toenails can be easily missed in infants and are the result of nail corners cutting into the skin. This can often lead to infection. Tight shoes, specifically the toe box can cause ingrowing of the nails. This is common in children and teenagers due to rapid growth and incorrect shoes.

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